The Fund supports research, education and roadside improvement projects that promote advances in road related UK transport policy, design, management and practice through a grant.

Trustees favour proposals which have national, rather than local, significance and those which involve other funding partners. They welcome proposals and ideas for innovative topics and projects and, from time to time, they will identify areas of potential interest over on our News page.

To apply for a grant please take the following steps:

Step 1: Read the guidance the Fund publishes about the type of grants awarded. Please consider the Fund’s Objects carefully – the Fund can only make grants for projects which relate to our charitable Objects RJRF Guidance notes for applicants Sept 2021

Step 2: Email the Fund Secretary with a short outline of your proposal, including the level of funding being sought, the outcomes you expect to achieve and how you believe your application aligns with the Fund’s Objects.  You should aim to do this at least 6 week’s before any application deadline below, to allow time for your enquiry to be considered.

Step 3: The Trustees will consider your enquiry and decide whether to invite you to make a full application.  At that stage, if invited, you will be provided with a full application form to complete.

Step 4: If the Fund’s Trustees invite you to complete a full application, this must be submitted to the Secretary by the deadlines below in order to be considered.  Late applications will not be accepted and will be deferred until the next meeting.

For further guidance you should view or download RJRF Guidance notes for applicants Sept 2021

Future Meeting Dates and Application Deadlines:

Application DeadlineMeeting Date
21st January 20228th February 2022
8th April 202226th April 2022
10th June 202228th June 2022
19th August 20226th September 2022
11th November 202229th November 2022

Applications received without prior notice close to, or on, the deadline date will not be accepted.

The decision of the Trustees will be notified promptly.