Recent Webinars

Links to two interesting webinars RJ@70 and the FTVG’s 2020 Vision event can be found on our Publications page.

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Mary Lewis stands down

Mary Lewis has stood down as a Trustee after serving for six years.  Mary played an invaluable role particularly in shaping the Fund’s approach to Bursaries, working with the Universities to update it for 2021 to reflect changing times.  Mary has also made a big contribution to the work of the Investment Sub Group. David Tarrant commented “We are very sorry to lose Mary who has added great value to our work during her time as a Trustee, always contributing to debate and willing to assist with the business of the Fund, notably on Bursaries and advising on the recent investment review.”

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Coronavirus Update – Applications process re-opened

The Trustees are pleased to announce their decision to re-open the application process from 1st August 2020.  Careful consideration has been given to the Fund’s overall financial position and its future commitments. It will continue with its policy of not making any new commitments before January 2021 and not to run the bursary scheme for the academic year 2020/21.

This decision will enable applicants to prepare proposals for submission to the two remaining meetings in 2020.  The Trustees will continue to monitor the financial situation closely to ensure that adequate funds are available; and may need to pause applications again if circumstances change.  For more detail go to

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Webinar success – view now

Well done and thank you to everyone involved in the Fund’s first ever Webinar “What have the Roads ever done for us?”. Go to to view the event recording. An article on the event’s can be also found on Linkedin

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Rees Jeffreys Road Fund – Webinar 16 July “What have the roads ever done for us?”

The Fund will be running its first Webinar on 16th July. Steve Gooding, Director of the RAC Foundation and a Rees Jeffreys Trustee, will be hosting the event and will be joined by an excellent, diverse panel of speakers. It promises to be a lively and interesting debate fitting for the 70th Anniversary of the Fund. So much has changed since 1950 when William Rees Jeffreys founded the Road Fund eight years before the first stretch of UK motorway opened. Looking forward over the next 20-30 years, how can we reconcile all the various issues facing us and what should our roads be doing for us from now on?

To register please go to

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Tony Depledge stands down as a Trustee

Tony Depledge has stood down as a Trustee of the Fund after 14 years of service. Tony brought a wealth of transport expertise particularly on public transport where he worked at a senior level in both the public and the private sectors.

On behalf of the Trustees David Tarrant thanked Tony for his contribution. “Tony’s broad range of experience and expertise will be missed by his fellow Trustees. Tony always provided a thoughtful contribution, with his expertise and insights on passenger transport. We are saying goodbye to a valuable member and an outstanding companion and colleague.  Everyone involved with the Fund wishes Tony well for the future.”

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Coronavirus Update – Applications Pause

It is with much regret that the Trustees have decided to pause all consideration of new applications for funding this year.  The Rees Jeffreys Road Fund relies entirely on its investments to support its work and, given the volatile and uncertain state of the markets, it has decided it is prudent to pause all further spending this year and concentrate on honouring its existing commitments.

Chairman David Tarrant commented “I hope everyone who is involved with the work of the Fund will understand this decision in these very difficult times.  I want to reassure you that this is just a pause and, I am in no doubt, the Fund will continue for many years yet. I have asked the Secretary to continue to work with potential applicants so that we will be prepared to restart the Fund’s work as soon as possible.” For more information on the revised arrangements please go to our our Funding page

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Leon Daniels – New Trustee

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Leon Daniels as a new Trustee with immediate effect. Leon is recognised for his world-class experience, expertise and knowledge of public sector transport in the United Kingdom, USA, Europe and Far East.  He has an extensive background in streets management; bus transport; urban rail; cycling; road safety; river operations; the taxi and private hire industry; policing and enforcement; highway engineering and major project delivery. Until his retirement from Transport for London (TfL) in December 2017 Leon was managing director, Surface Transport at TfL, with responsibility for delivery of £3.5 billion of road, light rail and transport services.

Chairman of the Fund David Tarrant welcomed his appointment saying “Leon has a depth of business knowledge and a wealth of experience that will make him a significant addition to the Trustee team”.

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Annual Report and Accounts 2019

The Fund’s Annual Report and Financial Statement for 2019 is now available at  An annual return for 2019 to the Charity Commission has also been completed.

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Major bus study published

A new report, granted funded by Rees Jeffreys, from the Independent Transport Commission (ITC) has been published which highlights major changes in travel behaviour across the bus market in England over the past decade. Against a backdrop of falling overall bus usage in spite of significant population growth, the report shows that the traditional core market for the bus has been shrinking. Today’s bus travel is shaped around a smaller number of higher-intensity users, with each passenger outside London making an additional 5% journeys than in 2009.

The researchers used National Travel Survey (NTS) data to explore what has been happening to bus travel demand in England since 2009, and investigates how the bus market has been changing in recent years.

For more detail click on the full report  The shape of changing bus demand in England.


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