Roadside Rests – Information Appeal

The Rees Jeffreys Trustees are looking for help in mapping over 70 Roadside Rests created by the Fund since the early 1950s.

The Fund’s Trust Deed has as one of the objects to “promote schemes for the provision of roadside parks and open spaces designed to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the highways”.

As a result, from its early days the Fund supported schemes to create “Roadside Rests” in an era before Motorway Service Stations.  Over a period from 1950 to the early part of this century over 70 such schemes were completed.  Although the Trustees no longer see it as their role to encourage new schemes it does wish to maintain the tradition and history of these facilities.

The Fund’s records of these schemes however are quite limited.  The Trustees are keen to update its records and to add, for example, GPS locations and photographs where possible.  For this we need the public’s help.

The current list of sites is attached here RJRF Roadside Rests.

So if you are aware of a Rees Jeffreys Roadside Rest near you please contact the Secretary, Brian Murrell on with any information that might add to our records. That might include:

  • Confirming there is still a Roadside Rest at the location given;
  • Confirming that the description of the location given is accurate;
  • Sending the GPS co-ordinates or postcode for the correct location;
  • Describing its current condition;
  • Identifying if there is a Rees Jeffreys plague visible;
  • Sending photographs of the Roadside Rest and the views from it.


October 2018

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