This page tells you about the Physical and Roadside projects we have provided grant funding to over recent years.

Physical and roadside projects.


  • ACTion with Communities in Cumbria – Backroads Active Travel: A further grant of £10,036 was made to ACTion Cumbria to enable the delivery of the project supported by the Fund in 2020.  The project lost other sources of funding to complete the project, and the Trustees agreed following an updated application, to increase the funding to enable the project’s potential benefits to be realised.  Information on the earlier grant can be seen below.


  • Essex Waterways – Heybridge Basin Access: a grant of £8,000 was awarded to fund improved access to the Heybridge Basin at the sea lock junction of the Chelmer and Blackwater and the coastal estuary.
  • Boxgrove Parish Council – Hainaker Windmill Rest Area: a grant of £30,000 was awarded to fund works to enhance the roadside rest area at the Northern Entrance into Hainaker Windmill c1780 and the ‘Tunnel of Trees’ which is located on the ancient Roman road from Chichester to London. You can read more about this project, in the South Downs National Park, here and in our news page here.
  • ACTion with Communities in Cumbria – Backroads Active Travel: a grant of £7,086 was awarded to fund the production of a map of backroads of the Lake District and its hinterland to encourage more use for active travel (walking, cycling, pushchairs, wheelchairs, scooters) for both leisure and utility journeys by both local residents, national and international visitors.


  • Brecon Beacons NPA: a grant of £11,708 was awarded to fund works to create a well-defined and robust path from the southern most layby on the A470 south towards the dam of Llwyn-onn Reservoir.
  • Cumbria WLT: A grant of £12,969 was awarded to part fund the Get Cumbria Buzzing Project by supporting restoration work at Oldside, Workington. The overall aim of the project is to increase the numbers and diversity of pollinating insects in Cumbria by creating a strategic network of pollinator friendly habitats along ecological networks known as B-Lines.


  • St Georges Flower Bank: a small grant of £130 was awarded to pay for publicity banners.


  • Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts: a grant of £28,000 was awarded to fund a three-year programme to encourage wildflower planting on roadside verges to reduce flooding.
  • CycloPark Trust: a grant of £15,000 was awarded to create a junior roadway to provide a secure and fun environment for children to learn road safety and safe cycling.
  • Plantlife: a grant of £18,233 was awarded to develop a new national ‘best practice’ standard for the management of roadside verges. A further grant of £15,198 was awarded to provide seed corn funding to develop a major £1M delivery project to transform road verge management across England and Wales.


  • The Wildlife Trust: an award of £28,671 was awarded to the Wildlife Trust to support schemes to reconnect motorists to natural service stations.

Previous Years

Prior to 2015, the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund awarded a total of £41,630 to various physical and roadside projects.

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