The Rees Jeffreys Road Fund published today (12 October 2016) its report on A Major Road Network for England.

David Hutchinson, Chair of the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund, said:”The Rees Jeffreys Road Fund has a long-standing interest in our country’s road system, recognising that the vast majority of travel takes place on roads.  In commissioning this study, the Trustees wanted to focus on the roads that matter most in supporting our national and regional economies.  We welcome the authors’ innovative idea of a Major Road Network – and the focus on the planning, funding and governance issues that flow from it.

This report is aimed at all those with a responsibility for, or interest in, England’s major roads.  We believe it merits serious consideration by central and local government, the new emerging devolved bodies, Highways England and other organisations in the sector.  At a time of great change, and with the long term commitment to infrastructure renewal, a consistent approach to the road network is much needed.”

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