Magnificent Machines that go Vroom Vroom!

Published by Brian Murrell on

Rees Jeffreys Road Fund has collaborated with Living Paintings to create a second book about vehicles specially designed for use by blind or partially-sighted children.

The book, Magnificent Machines that go Vroom Vroom! is the second book in the series, and includes some fantastic diggers, farm machines and other large vehicles.

The mum of one of the young people making use of the book said, “understanding the vehicles gave him a better understanding of how they drive and what kind of things would be inside.”

Rees Jeffreys Road Fund very much hopes that children will not only enjoy using the book, but also get a better understanding of vehicles and the role they play.

Thanks to Living Paintings and their team of volunteers for making the new book possible.

Exploring vehicles that go Vroom Vroom! with Living Paintings.
Magnificent Machines that go Vroom Vroom!