Andy Graham BSc FCIHT

Andy Graham is a civil engineer with 33 years’ experience in transport projects using new technology and assessing and optimising the operational and business impacts and benefits they deliver. He has held director level appointments at AECOM, developing consultancy teams to support multi-million-pound project delivery and now leads his own company, White Willow Consulting.

Andy’s experience is in over 30 years work specialising in Intelligent Transport Systems, connected vehicles and traffic data systems as well as information into vehicles. His activities encompass both public sector and private sector clients in the UK and globally, notably with vehicle makers, highways authorities and road concessionaires.

Andy also has particular experience in interoperable tolling solutions across the world (working for both client on procurement support and suppliers on service delivery). He has worked on schemes in Dublin, Vancouver, the Mersey Gateway crossing and the Dartford Crossing in the UK, Road Charging in Oregon and deploying HGV distance-based tolling in Bulgaria.

He is Chair of the ITS-UK Connected Vehicles Forum and recently won the ITS-UK Award for outstanding personal contribution. He is a member of the IET Transport Policy Panel.

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