Improving the performance of linear assets through green infrastructure.

Published by Brian Murrell on

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Rees Jeffreys Road Fund contributed funding to the development of a report by CIRIA, setting out how a focus on green infrastructure can improve the performance and management of linear assets.

The new report sets out practical guidance for professionals involved in the design, delivery and management of linear assets – highways and roads, as well as rail, water and energy networks. The guidance sets out how to create green connectivity which links islands of green infrastructure along the length of linear assets.

The guidance covers the challenges and opportunities, and sets out how well designed green infrastructure can be hugely beneficial, not just for the environment but for improved management and performance of linear assets, supporting the achievement of wider objectives.

Rees Jeffreys Road Fund Trustee Ginny Clarke was a member of the Project Steering Group, which oversaw the creation of the guidance.

You can download a free copy of the guidance from the CIRIA website here.

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