The Trustees of the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund are celebrating 150 years since the birth of their benefactor William Rees Jeffreys with a major UK-wide Competition.

Trustees are offering grants – up to a possible £150,000, plus cash prizes of £5,000 for schools – to encourage new and creative thinking about what road users, and society as a whole, expect from the roads of the future.

The Judges have now announced a shortlist of entries, and will be announcing the winners of this stage of the Competition on Friday 3rd December at 11am.

Visit the Competition website at to find out about the shortlisted entries, and to sign up to attend our event on 3rd December to hear which entries have been successful.

The £150,000 question is: What’s your vision of the way in which our roads (motorways, highways or streets) could best work for us all as we square up to the challenges of the next 50 years? 

For William Rees Jeffreys, safe and appealing roads and streets were the key to a better quality of life for all. The Judges were pleased with the range, number and quality of entries, and that many entries showed a ‘strong alignment’ to the views of William Rees Jeffreys.