Mr Arthur Henderson and the Traffic Research Centre

Published by Brian Murrell on

Rees Jeffreys Road Fund has received a legacy from the estate of the late Mr Arthur Henderson through the Traffic Research Centre he established.

Mr Henderson set up the Traffic Research Centre to support a range of research initiatives aimed at improving roads:

  • to research and improve safety standards for pedestrians and all road users;
  • to research and improve the efficiency of road systems and movement of traffic, pedestrians and goods in both the public and private sector.

Sadly, Mr Arthur Henderson passed away and the Traffic Research Centre was closed as a charity in 2010. The remaining Trustees of the Traffic Research Centre decided to pass half of the legacy to Rees Jeffreys Road Fund given our very similar charitable objects.

David Tarrant, Chairman of Rees Jeffreys Road Fund said, “The Trustees of Rees Jeffreys Road Fund are extremely grateful to receive this legacy. We have already begun deploying the funds to support research projects in areas such as research into transport provision for new housing estates.”

The legacy also enabled seed funding to be provided for the finalists in our Rees Jeffreys Road Fund 150 Competition to develop their research proposals further: a project looking at soft surfaces at roadsides to limit the injuries sustained by road users experiencing an accident; a project using new technology to reduce cycling accidents; a project about how to develop safe walking routes to school for children; the development of ethical principles for the use of autonomous vehicles; a project looking at how to provide augmented reality tools to enable the public to be more effectively consulted about road design and layout; Two of the finalists collaborated on a project on the technology to alert road users about the presence of other road users in narrow country lanes where visibility is limited. 

Rees Jeffreys Road Fund will be able to use the legacy from Mr Henderson to fund further research projects in the coming year.

As a tribute to Mr Henderson, the Fund would particularly like to support a research project related to buses, as this was an area that Mr Henderson was particularly interested in. This is something Rees Jeffreys Road Fund has done in the past (see this link to a report by the Independent Transport Commission ITC-Bus-market-in-England-Jan-2020.pdf ( Grant applicants interested in seeking research funding related to buses should contact to discuss your ideas.