This page provides a directory of publications and reports related to the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund.

Publications and reports;

Research Publications and Reports

Transport for New Homes CIC have published their report “Building Car Dependency” which outlines helpful guidance for planners about how to develop housing and communities with sustainable travel and transport options for residents. You can read their report here.

Dockless Bicycle Hire – a summary report from a study by Dr Geoffrey Dudley of the University of Oxford.

Interacting with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay when driving: the effect on driver performance. IAM RoadSmart’s research report published March 2020.

University of Plymouth: a research project into the properties of road coatings was completed in February 2020. Technical reports can be requested from the Secretary.

Independent Transport Commission (ITC): the study “The Shape of Changing Bus Demands in England” published in January 2020.

Assessment of the Sustainability of Road Safety in Local Government: the Road Safety Foundation published a report in July 2019, funded by a grant from Rees Jeffreys Road Fund, which explores the challenges being faced by local authorities when it comes to improving road safety. The report also proposes a variety of possible solutions.

Roads as a Service: Phil Carey’s report “What Do We Want From Our Roads?“, published in 2019, follows up on aspects of the 2016 MRN work.

A Vision for the Governance of the MRN (Major Road Network): this study report from WSP, published in 2019, follows up on aspects of the 2016 MRN work.

Uber Study: in 2017, the Fund commissioned a study by Dr Geoffrey Dudley, of the University of Oxford, into “The Governance of Transitions in Urban Mobility: The Case of Uber in London”. The final report has now been published.

Roads for the Future: the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund published it’s report on a Major Road Network for England in 2016.

York Civic Trust: Rees Jeffreys supported the creation of York’s Citizens Transport Forum, enabling the public to be involved with the city’s transport plan. This was also featured in an article in Transportation Professional in September 2020.

The following reports are examples of work on road transport issues which have been supported by the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund in previous years.

Education Resources

  • What a Great Road: a series of ten 3 minute audio programmes to help children explore the what, how, why and who behind the design of the roads. Read the campaign report here.

Future Transport Visions Group

  • The Rees Jeffreys Road Fund is delighted to be working with the Future Transport Visions Group programme supporting the development of early career transport professionals. Their latest reports on five projects supported by grants from Rees Jeffreys Road Fund are available on their website.

Physical and Roadside Reports

  • Plantlife: Highways England have adopted recommendations from Plantlife’s best practice guide, which was funded by Rees Jeffreys Road Fund. For more detail, please see the HE announcement.
  • Plantlife: a best practice guide to Managing Grassland Road Verges, funded by a Rees Jeffreys Road Fund grant, has been published aimed at highway managers, road engineers, operations managers, landscape architects and all those engaged with verge management and creation.

Events and seminars

  • Independent Transport Commission roundtable How can transport infrastructure make a positive contribution to the local environment? : Transport infrastructure is often seen as detrimental to the local environment, generating pollution, carbon emissions, and negatively impacting local ecology. We know that much of the UK’s transport infrastructure, including our road and rail networks, are providing important wildlife and floral habitats and have a major role to play in supporting local biodiversity. What greater role can transport infrastructure play in making a more positive contribution to local environment?
  • Rees Jeffreys @ 70 Webinar Event What have the roads ever done for us? July 2020 : a report re-thinking what we want our roads to do for us and an article in Highways.
  • Round Table Discussion Paper June 2019: notes from a round table discussion A Fresh Perspective on England’s Roads hosted by the Fund on strategic challenges involving senior figures involved in future planning for England’s road network.

The Rees Jeffreys Road Fund Library

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