Applying for funds

Coronavirus Update – Applications Pause

The normal application process is currently suspended for 2020. The Trustees have decided to pause all consideration of new applications for the rest of this calendar year.  However, the Fund is anxious to  continue its work with potential applicants so that we are prepared to restart the Fund’s work as soon as possible in 2021.

In order to do this applicants are invited to contact the Secretary by email at to request a Register of Interest form.  This asks for a short summary of your proposal with outline costs and timescales.

Both new applicants or individuals or organisations who have already expressed an interest in applying to the Fund are welcome to submit a Register of Interest form.

These submissions will be scrutinised initially to ensure the proposal is suitable for an application to the Fund.  You may be asked at this stage to provide further information for clarification.  Following that those RoIs considered suitable will be held pending the Fund restarting its application process, when you will be invited to submit a full application.  Even though the Fund has decided to pause all new commitments in 2020 the application process itself may restart in late 2020 in readiness for its 2021 programme.

The Secretary March 2020

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